Smart Textile and AI for Capturing Movements and Energy Anywhere

Experience the future generation of smart textile and apparel, designed with woven electronics to seamlessly capture body motion, muscle activity, and ambient energy anywhere.

Lightweight Flexible Solar Textile for Clean Energy Anywhere

Introducing NEAT SolarTex, the first flexible, lightweight and durable solar textile that can generate electricity from ambient light on the go. Unlike conventional solar panels our solution can be rolled or folded into a compact form for easy transportation or be integrated as part of an apparel, clothing, or equipment. Our solar textile has long lifetime, is efficient, water resistant, and operable in harsh hot and cold climate conditions.

This innovative solution has won NATO DIANA Energy Resilience and Canada National Defense IDEaS awards.

5X reduction in weight and cost of batteries

Rollable, foldable, expandable solar textile

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Capturing Hand Motion and Grasp Forces with Unparalleled Accuracy

Our MarsWear Smart Gloves have sensor yarns woven into them and deliver unparalleled accuracy in capturing hand and finger motion and grasp forces. There are endless applications in gaming, animation, robotics, metaverse, and tele-health.

Our smart gloves can be used by stroke survivors who have limited hand mobility to get feedback on many exercises they need to do. We are working with Prof. Janice Eng of Faculty of Medicine of the University of British Columbia to use our smart gloves for accurate assessment of hand motion and personalized modification of their rehabilitation exercises even remotely.

Please check our Nature Machine Intelligence paper!

100 M worldwide stroke survivors

$200 B rehabilitation expenses

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AI, Apps and API for Personalized Health and Well-being Anywhere

MarsWear Mobile Apps are available on App Store and Google Play. Track your body and hand movements and muscles using MarsWear Apparel and Apps and receive AI-powered feedback at home, gym, clinic or in the court. Connect with coaches, peers and therapists using our easy to use apps.

Download the mobile apps! Sign up for MarsWear Webapp and pre-order MarsWear Smart Knee Sleeves!

Our apps are currently being used by sport teams, remote health companies, and sport apparel companies! Join us!

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MarsWear Apparel

Energy Textile

Motion and Health


Movement Data and Health Analytics

Our Smart textile solution provides invaluable movement, health and ambient data, empowering sport and movement analytics, remote health, and robotics applications.

Our Advantage

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Strong Team

Dynamic, diverse and experienced team with years of industrial, product design and business experience


2024 NATO DIANA Energy Resilience Award!

2022 Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Deep Space Healthcare Challenge!

2021 Canada’s Innovations for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Awards!

2017 Merck KGaA Displaying Futures Award!

Deep Tech

Years of R&D experience in advanced materials, manufacturing, and data science


Collaborations with major consumer electronics, apparel, defense and healthcare companies

Smart apparel and AI for virtually connected applications.

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