Intelligent Apparel for Digital Health and Wellness

Personalized Movement Experience (PME) for Digital Health and Wellness at Home and in Clinic

Musculoskeletal (MSK) patients deserve accessible, connected and engaging healthcare experience. We are brining Digital Health and Wellness experience solution to market by digitally connecting MSK patients and health consumers to therapist, friends and care group using our Intelligent Apparel and Personalized Movement Experience (PME) software for real-time and long-term feedback. Assess your exercises, learn joint movements and muscles at home or in clinic, get feedback from expert therapists in our network and share your success with your friends and family. Reimagine a new personalized health experience with your own Intelligent Apparel.

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Finger Tracking

Protective Textile

Movement Capture

Machine Learning

Movement Data and Health Analytics

Our Intelligent Apparel analyze your movements provide critical real-time information and progression metrics for delivering MSK health at home, rehabilitation, injury prevention and improving performance.

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Strong Team

Dynamic, diverse and experienced product development team


2017 Merck KGaA Displaying Futures Award


Years of R&D experience in advanced materials, manufacturing, and data science


Collaborations with major consumer electronics and healthcare providers

Virtually connected through movement.

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