Smart apparel for Extended Reality (XR) and connected health

Movement based virtual presence through smart clothing and wearables


Texavie has joined the fight against COVID-19! Helping health care workers and the general public by developing the next generation of comfortable antiviral masks and PPEs and tele-health wearable systems!

We are developing game changing smart apparel products for immersive, fast and camera-less experiences in video games, sports, and training.

Our patented embedded sensing technology enables light, comfortable, easy to setup motion and gesture capture for real time applications in console gaming and virtual/augmented/extended reality (VR/AR/XR).

Finger Tracking

Protective Textile

Movement Capture

Machine Learning

Movement Data and Health Analytics

We provide movement, physiological and health data analytics for a variety of applications in sports performance, health care and rehabilitation, clothing and apparel design, home fitness, game and movie production, education, and business intelligence and productivity.

Our Advantage

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Strong Team

Dynamic, diverse and experienced product development team


2017 Merck KGaA Displaying Futures Award


Years of R&D experience in advanced materials, manufacturing, and data science


Collaborations with major consumer electronics and healthcare providers

Virtually connected through movement.

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