Innovating together, changing the future

Our Story

Texavie is an award-winning startup in Vancouver, Canada, developing easy-to-use and comfortable smart apparel and wearable devices for customers and partners all around the world.

Our strength is in our diverse and innovative team with complementing experiences in business, engineering, medicine, science, product design and sports. Assembled from different countries, our team is passionate to solve customer’s problems and to make decisions together.





Our mission is to be the leading company for movement data, health analytics and seamless immersive experiences in cross-platform applications such as gaming, sports and health, using smart comfortable clothing and wearables.

Strong Team

Dynamic R&D and product development team


2017 Merck KGaA Displaying Futures Award

Impacting Health

Collaborations with major healthcare providers and clinics


Years of R&D experience in advanced materials, manufacturing, and data science


Collaborations with major consumer electronic and apparel companies


Collaborations with leading institutes in around the world