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Eliminating Exercise Guesswork

Understanding more about your exercises is important for improving your fitness and strength, ultimately leading to achieving your workout goals. Are you doing your movements and exercises correctly and consistently everytime? Do you still use pen and paper to track your workout and repetitions and show them to your trainer or coach? Do you know the range of motion of your exercises? Do you know how your muscles are performing? A groundbreaking solution is at hand! Introducing MarsWear Smart Knee Sleeves and accompanying App and AI – a fusion of cutting-edge technology.

MarsWear Knee Sleeves have been engineered to track knee and leg motions during exercises, employing AI and exercise science to provide accuracy. Within the structure of these Knee Sleeves, yarn sensors are woven that capture movements and muscle contractions. Seamlessly connecting to MarsWear mobile App, these Smart Knee Sleeves offer real-time feedback throughout your exercises.

The beauty of MarsWear Knee Sleeves lies in their versatility – they seamlessly integrate into any setting. Whether you’re exercising in the comfort of your home, in the outdoors, in a gym, or anywhere, our solution remains as your workout companion, aiding and providing you with in-depth feedback to help you progress better and faster.

Easy to Wear and Operate

MarsWear Smart Knee Sleeves are comfortable and easy to wear. They are made from stretchy and breathable textile that comfortably wrap around your knees. Unlike conventional compression knee braces, these Knee Sleeves give you free range of movements rather than constraining them.

Harnessing the power of woven yarn sensors, these sleeves become an extension of your body, capturing intricate joint motions and muscle contractions. You can simply connect to your MarsWear app to the Smart Knee Sleeves by turning ON the two sleeves. Throughout your workout session, these smart Knee Sleeves monitor your every move and muscles, adapting to various exercise plans and sports-specific actions.

Indoor or outdoor, gym or anywhere, MarsWear Knee Sleeves stand ready, with your smartphone acting as the gateway to provide feedback.

Upon completion of your exercise plan, a simple power down concludes your session. Set away the sleeves in the provided box, ensuring their batteries are charged for future sessions. When needed, a quick wipe or wash cleans your Smart Knee Sleeves. With MarsWear Knee Sleeves, exercise gains a new dimension, characterized by comfort, performance, and progress.

Movements and Muscles

To have an active lifestyle, the vitality of our muscles and joints takes center stage. Regrettably, we tend to overlook the profound role they play in our mobility, sports and physical activities. MarsWear Smart Knee Sleeves is an innovation poised to revolutionize how we comprehend and enhance joint movements and muscle contractions throughout exercise and sports activities.

A symphony of muscle bundles orchestrate the movement of legs and lower body. From the quadriceps bundles (quads) on the front of our thighs to the hamstrings nestled at the rear, to the calf and shin muscle bundles, each muscle bundle contributes to our motions. Through contractions and exertions, these muscles collaborate to enable fluid movement, equilibrium, athletic activities, and the enjoyment of a healthily active lifestyle.

MarsWear Smart Knee Sleeves, for the first time, gauge the individual contractions of these muscle groups during dynamic exercises. Empowered by advanced sensors and AI, these Knee Sleeves seamlessly meld with your body. The synergy helps them the capacity to intricately monitor muscle form, contraction and effort levels, resulting in an unparalleled tracking of your exercise routine, fostering insights into your strength progression.

Consistency and Repetition

Elevating your workout experience, the MarsWear App effortlessly syncs with your Smart Knee Sleeves, to help in tracking and guiding your exercises. You can select your desired personal exercise plan or adopt one recommended by your preferred trainer. Subsequently, the App acts as your virtual guide in the exercise timing and repetitions while meticulously assessing your movements.

As you engage in various exercises, real-time visualizations show your repetitions and progress in the workout session, show range of your movements and leg muscle contractions, offering immediate insights into your performance. Whether executing squats, lounges, run, or bike or other activities, the App’s guidance help in consistent timing while automatically counting your repetitions.

The brilliance lies in its versatility; no cameras, no complex setups. All the guidance and monitoring you require are seamlessly integrated within your MarsWear Smart Knee Sleeves and App.

Charting Your Progress Journey

The MarsWear App acts as your compass through weeks and months of exercise, offering insights into your evolving improvements. Effortlessly, you can visualize the trajectory of your progress and the consistency in your exercises, repetitions, range and muscle contractions and movements. This window into your journey unveils the effectiveness of your chosen exercises in propelling you toward agility, fitness, and strength objectives.

Witness the improvements of your muscular form and strength as the App provides a visual guide to your advancement. Sharing these milestones with your preferred coach or trainer unlocks the potential for tailored adjustments to your regimen, aligning it perfectly with your desired outcomes.

Delve into the intricacies of various muscle groups and movements as you embrace an exploration of your body and exercise regimen that goes beyond the ordinary. The MarsWear App empowers you to embark on a profound understanding of your progress, encouraging you to dissect each facet of your exercise journey.

Modify Your Routine

The MarsWear App helps you to create your own exercise plans and modify and personalize your plans based on your progress. Simply select from different exercises in the library and select the number of repetitions and weight loads. You can ask your coach or trainer to set up recommended exercise plans, whether close or far. Your coach can tailor exercise regimens to suit your individual needs, offering personalized insights and guidance. You can share your exercise results with your coaches and trainer, to get feedback and recommendations. You can follow and organize your workout and training sessions and schedule in one place.

Track and Share Your Achievements

Empowered by the MarsWear Smart KneeSleeves and App, you’re primed to conquer exercise goals and reach milestones tailored to your workout objectives. You can win badges and goals throughout your journey. Harness the synergy of these tools to navigate your fitness journey with precision and purpose. With your targets set, the App becomes your ally, guiding you through each step. As you surpass these goals, you’re not alone in celebrating your triumphs. Seamlessly share your accomplishments with peers, friends, and family, fostering a community of support and inspiration.

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