Application of wearable devices that can provide remote and objective rehabilitation feedback is one of the most promising usage of smart textile and wearable technologies. In order to provide accurate and clinically relevant information, different sensing elements should be seamlessly integrated into the wearable device so it can detect small improvements in patients’ condition while being comfortable and not disturbing their everyday life. On the other hand, such devices also require sophisticated machine learning, data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms that can correlate the collected data with pathological conditions and provide personalized feedback. To develop a useful technology, it is important to consider etiology, age, physical ability and other factors that can vary in different cases. Also there are different clinical situations such as neurological disorders and injuries or accident and sport injuries, for which different rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments are necessary. Currently, all of these treatments are happening at the clinical settings, but there is a huge need for development of wearable devices that can help patients for better and faster recovery remotely.

Texavie is proud to take part in a Collaborative Health Research Project (CHRP) led by Prof. Janice Eng, world-leading researcher with the Department of Physical Therapy of University of British Columbia, for development and optimization of a futuristic remote rehabilitation wearable device (i-GRASP) for treatment of upper-extremity function in patients suffering from neurological injuries such as stroke. It is important to mention that with the current situation of COVID pandemic the need for tele-rehabilitation wearable devices are much more urgent and necessary.

Our platform technology not only can help to improve the quality of monitoring and providing feedback for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes, but also it can be used for enhanced training and injury prevention, for other applications in education, sports and military.

Peyman Servati

Peyman Servati

Chief Executive Officer