Technological advances are happening  every day in the rapidly changing field of VR/AR/MR/XR. It is expected  that Extended Reality (XR) would bring efficiency and value to our daily life in the near future. One of the most exciting technology events in the world – VR AR Global Summit was in Vancouver BC. Texavie and other participants of this summit showcased their vision for the future of XR.  


One of the highlights of this summit was rapid adaptation and development of XR technologies  enabling more fitness and sports oriented applications and games, which are in line with Texavie’s solutions. This will help people to improve their fitness and live a healthier lifestyle through games and create fun objectives to reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Undoubtedly, the best application of our novel technology is to promote healthier and happier society.  . Texavie’s products and  technologies allow consumers to have a real and immersive experience and play games through real and natural movements instead of pressing buttons. By making motion as the interaction medium our technology allows gamers to move away from sedentary lifestyle and start moving, while enjoying their favorite games.


As mentioned, the VR/AR summit brings together industries, startups, entrepreneurs and technology developers together every year highlighting the potential of immersive technology and the directions of this novel field in the future. As the Summit will be held virtually this year, please come and join us and see technologies  that we have been developing at Texavie!

Peyman Servati

Peyman Servati

Chief Executive Officer