Space travel and exploration is highly demanding for the physiology and health of astronauts and future space travelers. Assessment of a variety of health conditions, delivery of therapy and access to earth based experts are big challenges in space. Similar scenario is present in remote areas in Canada and other countries where access to health care specialists is limited and patients have to travel long distances for receiving care and assessing their conditions.

Texavie is excited to receive an award from Canadian Space Agency (CSA) as part of their Deep Space Healthcare Challenge for using its solutions in deep space applications as well as remote areas and indigenous communities in Canada. We are excited to announce our MarsWear apparel solution, the world’s most advanced intelligent apparel with embedded proprietary health sensors, empowering easy and accurate assessment of movements, joints and muscles for use at home, in remote areas or in space. 

“People in remote areas have to travel long distances for assessment and evaluation of movements, joints and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, leading to out-of-pocket travel expenses and avoidable carbon emissions,” said Peyman Servati, CEO of Texavie. “By simply wearing our comfortable MarsWear apparel they can easily assess their joints and muscles and improve their conditions through personalized exercise plans. We can connect patients to their therapist and specialists, help patients understand their conditions at home and reduce costs and emissions of travel as well as hefty long term medical costs, surgeries and wage losses associated with MSK conditions.” 

“For space travel and journey into deep space and other planets, solutions for accurate health assessment and delivery are needed to replicate gold standards used in clinical settings on Earth,” said Dr Amir Servati, CTO of Texavie. “Our solution not only provides astronauts with tools to assess their MSK and physiological conditions, but also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring autonomy in healthcare delivery.”

Texavie is working with several clinics, therapists and partners to launch its tele-physio solution and connect patients, health consumers and athletes to specialists and therapists in an easy to use apparel and app. Dr Maziar Badii, who is working with the team, is a rheumatologist and has been treating arthritis patients for more than 20 years in Vancouver added that “Texavie’s technology has the potential to change how chronic conditions such as arthritis are assessed and therapeutic procedures are developed for more than 6 million Canadians living with pain and difficulties of Arthritis. It has the potential to connect patients to their doctors and specialists from the comfort of their home or remote areas.” 

Prof. Janice Eng of UBC and co-director of the Center for Hip Health and Mobility has been working with the team and evaluating the solution for hand and grasp therapy for patients after they have a stroke. “The technology of the Texavie team will enable patients to assess their movements and exercises at home and help us clinicians to customize their therapy to maximize recovery after a stroke.”

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